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Talk Boost KS1 Case Study – Littleham Primary School, Devon

Vanessa Briggs, FSU/KS1 Senior Teacher and Foundation Stage Class Teacher

We chose to implement Talk Boost KS1 because we have a lot of children that are below their developmental age especially in their speech joining us in Reception. We wanted to find a programme that we could run to support their speech development. We already work closely with a speech and language therapist and we do ‘Speech and Language Links’ with all our reception children to identify those who need input from our therapist. But we were looking for a programme for those children that needed a little extra support but not speech and language therapy. Talk Boost KS1 covered everything we wanted to do and we were really impressed when we read the case studies on the website.

Using a bursary from Openreach, we trained six staff in total, four TAs and two teachers. We had 7 children go through Talk Boost KS1 last term and 8 children are in sessions this term.

There has been a noticeable impact from Talk Boost KS1 on TAs knowledge and skills. We have two TAs running Talk Boost KS1 and one TA who has been involved in running Talk Boost KS1 from the beginning is becoming our speech and language specialist. She is now picking up all the speech and language related work our therapist sends us to do with the children. It has also made a difference to how all staff listen to the children as the elements of Talk Boost KS1 have given us a way to identify the patterns of language.

It has made a real impact on the children’s self-esteem. For some children this is why we put them forward to take part in Talk Boost KS1 and now they have the confidence to talk, whereas before we may have found it difficult to assess them as they were so quiet. The children who took part in the first round of Talk Boost KS1 are all noticeably more confident and they can tell stories in order. We also adapted our English Curriculum to support how the children learn, based on different elements of language development in Talk Boost KS1.

When we bring Talk Boost KS1 back into the classroom, all the children enjoy taking part and are really keen to do the activities. The biggest overall change for children has been their confidence and use of language. They are much more willing to speak and they don’t worry if they get it wrong.

We like the content in Talk Boost KS1. An Early Years Advisor came in to see us recently and thought Talk Boost KS1 was excellent – she recommended we did a display on it for parents. We also like how every week, children are going over the five areas of language again and again as it reinforces their learning. There is a good balance between skills development and activities. We also think the resources are fantastic and children really love doing the intervention.

We are definitely going to keep going with Talk Boost KS1. We are sure our results will show children made progress – how much will depend on the child. I don’t think there is any programme out there that beats Talk Boost KS1. We’ve got children who desperately need it and it is working for them. It is nice to have an intervention that works and that we haven’t had to invent ourselves.