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Chapel Break Infant School, Norfolk

Sara Johnston, Headteacher

We first heard about Talk Boost from our special educational needs cluster meeting. We managed to secure funding from the Openreach bursary, which was very helpful. The baseline level of speaking and listening in the early years has been low, with 80% of children working below developmental levels when they enter reception – this was one of the key factors that prompted us to implement Talk Boost.  Five members of staff have undergone Talk Boost training and we currently have 15 children in year 1 undergoing the intervention – this will be extended to reception children next term. 

The Talk Boost training has empowered the TAs greatly and they now feel confident and knowledgeable about language development in the children they work with.  Talk Boost has enabled children to find a voice and has given others a language to articulate in an appropriate way. We have found Talk Boost to be a well-structured programme with great materials – the progression tool is excellent as we can measure the change in the children.

The children really like the Talk Boost sessions and they enjoy their time with the TA in the small group.