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Blog 2: Talking the Language of School Improvement, from Clive Robson, I CAN’s Senior Education Adviser and additional Ofsted inspector

Talking the language of school improvement- a one day course

Wednesday 22nd October 2014,  RCSLT, London

We’re really looking forward to working with another cohort of professionals on this course that has proved so popular once again.  We thought it would be helpful to say a little more about the content.

In my previous blog, I talked about the focus on understanding the various sources of data that schools use, – RaiseOnline, transition matrices, progression guidance and the additional commercial packages that are available such as CASPA, PIVATS and B Squared.

Although it would be great fun (?!) to spend some happy hours wallowing in data analysis, and it is important for us to understand how the contribution of others such as speech and language therapists can supplement this, it will only form a part of the day.

We will also focus on measuring the impact of the therapists’ work.  Mary Hartshorne has been involved in a national project involving a cluster of schools. She will share the outcomes of this work with specialist, school based practitioners and explore ways of using a similar approach in other settings.

We will spend some time thinking through and practising how to make best use of that key conversation you have with the head teacher or SENCo in the schools you are working in: Talking the Language of School Improvement is understanding the drivers facing schools (Ofsted, parental pressure, choice of schools in a locality, relentless focus on achievement and improving the quality of teaching, phonics, pupil behaviour, staff training etc).  We’ll look at how we need to understand this language- the world of self evaluation, progress from different starting points, the challenge of dropping national curriculum levels and a new curriculum from September 2014- so that what we offer chimes with what schools need.

We will also explore in very practical terms the essence of a communication supportive classroom.

We promise that all role play will be voluntary and the sun will definitely shine.

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Clive Robson, Senior Education Adviser and Ofsted Additional Inspector

Mary Hartshorne, Director of Outcomes and Information