Talking The Language Of School Improvement

Talking the Language of School Improvement from Clive Robson, I CAN’s Senior Education Adviser and additional Ofsted inspector

‘We’re below the floor at end of key stage 2, and the value added evidence summarised in our SEF is worrying as is the evidence from the RaiseOnline transition matrices. And we’re due an inspection’.

If you’re thinking – ‘yes well, with rising floor targets it’s tough, but what percentage of pupils are making upper quartile progress?’  – then please do not come on this course.

If you’re thinking ‘I keep hearing this sort of language and I’m not completely sure what it means’, then a day with Mary Hartshorne and I at the lovely central London office of the RCSLT is the place for you.

We aim to leave you with a clearer understanding of the language of school improvement.  We want your discussions with heads- about pupils, about your role and deployment, about the contribution you can make to the school’s overall improvement, to chime with the language of the schools. We know that schools are driven by the relentless focus on pupil achievement and the scrutiny of Ofsted inspections.  The course will help you tailor your expertise to work in tandem with the school’s priorities.

We’ll look at Ofsted and how they make judgments, we’ll look at how we can help schools improve pupils’ communication skills (which is in the inspection framework),  we will look at how schools measure achievement and what contribution we can make.  It will be an interactive day, led by Clive Robson (I CAN Senior Education Advisor and an Ofsted additional inspector) and Mary Hartshorne (I CAN Director of Outcomes and Information).

It will be pitched at specialists working directly with schools to support children and young people’s speech, language and communication such as speech and language therapists, consultants, advisers, psychologists and managers.

We hope to see you there. Click here to find out more or to book.

Clive Robson, I CAN’s Senior Education Adviser and additional Ofsted inspector