Denbury Primary School

Talk Boost KS1 Case Study: Denbury Primary School, Newton Abbot

Our headteacher heard about Talk Boost KS1 last academic year and I went with my TA to the training session, which was funded by Openreach.  We came out of the session feeling very excited about Talk Boost KS1 and we could already imagine the benefits which would result from the intervention. My TA and I were so enthusiastic about it that we started Talk Boost KS1 straight away and rolled the intervention out fairly easily.  Seeing the importance of Talk Boost KS1, we knew that it was key to share our knowledge with other staff who are all completely on board with it.

My TA is confident in using Talk Boost KS1 and has loved working with the groups and using the strategies in the whole class setting as well.  Our confidence has increased in being able to identify language delay and to target children suitable for Talk Boost KS1. In terms of the children, they have been more ready to learn since undergoing Talk Boost KS1 in addition to having more confidence to speak up in bigger groups and whole class situations.  Talk Boost KS1 has not only had a positive impact on the children’s speaking, but on other key skills such as turn-taking, modelling good behaviour, reading and listening.  I have seen a massive change in some of the children who are now more willing to work as team and are more aware of what other children are saying – it is great that we can give the children the opportunity to shine.  The children have given great feedback, one of whom has said that “he never wants [Talk Boost KS1] to end.”

The resources are lovely – they are easy to use and we really like that they are so ‘ready to go’.  They are great to use with the group, who come to the sessions keen and ready to work.  The parents have seen the benefits of Talk Boost KS1 not only in the classroom but at home as well.  One father has noticed that his child’s brother can understand him more clearly since he took part in Talk Boost KS1.  We intend to keep rolling out Talk Boost KS1 in the new year and help more children be the best that they can be.

 Emily Mitchell, Literacy Co-ordinator