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Meath School says ‘A Boom-Chick-a-Boom’ at the NAPLIC Conference: Blog from Virginia Beardshaw I CAN CEO

The annual NAPLIC conference is always fun and inspiring. Attended  by 150+ of the most committed, knowledgeable and dedicated UK practitioners working with children who struggle with language, the gathering provides a real chance to meet old friends, catch up with the latest practice and policy, and go away refreshed, clutching the latest resources and publications.

One of the absolute highlights was the team from I CAN’s Meath School.  In a multimedia extravaganza,  they vividly illustrated how they tackle story telling as a way to engage learners with complex speech and language needs  in literacy and writing. In the process, they made me a very proud CEO!

Using an eclectic mix of insights gleaned from drama, star practitioners and teaching theory,  flavoured always with strong collaborative practice across the whole school team,  Meath teachers and therapists  showed how they use props, costumes to put children who struggle with language  ‘into the story’. Repetition,   and the use of photographs help ‘fix’ the story in pupils’ minds. Then writing frames emphasising significant words all help learners get the story onto paper.  Every learner participates,  and at the end the team have been able to demonstrate significant progress.

It was a fantastic presentation that energised all participants in attendance. I look forward to what Meath School staff will present at next year’s NAPLIC conference!

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