A Meath School parent’s story

Our 9 year old wakes every morning with the same question… “School today”?  Followed by the look of joy when I answer, “yes”!  What a blessing for him and for us as a family. William will often request a shower and is eager to put on his uniform (now independently due to the amazing support he has received from the residential team).  At 8:30, we begin our 6 mile journey to Meath School.  It’s a relatively quick ride except that I have my son in the back seat saying “when are we going to be there? hurry up! Pass the lorry!” There are moments when I wish he would just sit quietly….but then I remind myself, 6 years ago we were never sure he would even speak intelligibly.

Finally, we arrive. He runs out of the car and so proudly enters the fabulous school where he truly belongs!  To see the self confidence that he now has after 18 months is heart warming. The academic progress he has made…a joy to witness as his Mother. His additional way to communicate – sign language, a gift! He gives the staff member on duty his number and off he goes to greet his friends on the playground. Many mornings I don’t even get a kiss good-bye!! But the smiles I see as I watch from the window…all the children playing, so included, no one left behind.

This wasn’t always our story but thankfully it is today.  We couldn’t ask for anything more in Meath School. It is truly our dream come true.

For more information on I CAN’s Meath School visit www.meathschool.org.uk