Talk Boost

Talk Boost KS1 Case Study: Place Farm Academy, Haverhill Suffolk

There have been an increasing number of children with speech and language delay coming up into our Foundation year, with some children having not previously attending any preschool settings.  We felt that Talk Boost KS1 would be the perfect intervention to support the children with speech and language delay and help to create a language rich environment.  We received the Talk Boost KS1 training and resources thanks to a bursary from Openreach.

Six members of our teaching staff have been trained – a teacher and learning assistant from Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2.  So far 12 children from Foundation and 16 children across Years 1 and 2 have undergone the intervention.  The children’s self confidence and attention skills have been boosted and good communication principles have been embedded in practice across the whole class, ensuring that all children are supported.

The Talk Boost KS1 training has reinforced speech and language training that staff had already received and upskilled those who had not yet received any training.  For most of the children who have undergone Talk Boost KS1, their attention and concentration skills have improved and they are more willing to contribute in group and whole school situations.   The profile of language has been raised in our school and the classroom has become a more communication friendly environment.  Confidence has been the biggest change in the children – they have enjoyed Talk Boost KS1 and are happy to talk to the rest of the class about their Talk Boost KS1 sessions.

The structure of the Talk Boost KS1 intervention has meant that it has worked well in our school.  It breaks down language into its core elements and builds on previous sessions – this is very effective.  Language development and vocabulary expansion is vital and has an impact across all subjects. Talk Boost KS1 has been embraced by everyone in the school.  The intervention has also been well received by parents who have enjoyed working with the children on their Talk Boost KS1 books.

 Sue Beal, Assistant Head of School (Early Years and KS1)