Talk Boost KS1 Case Study: Lesley Mackay, Speech & Language Teaching Assistant at Toftwood Infant School

We have children on speech and language programmes at our school but were looking for something for those who weren’t on a programme; those that needed that little boost to catch up with their classmates with their speech or understanding for example.

Talk Boost KS1 was recommended to us by the speech and language therapist that we work closely with at school. I attended Talk Boost KS1 training with our school SENCO and found it easy to follow and full of practical suggestions about how to run a group. We have now just finished a group with year 2 and are about to start one with some of our reception children.

We can really see an improvement in those children who have participated in Talk Boost KS1. They are excited to come to the sessions and we’ve even had other children in the class want to come along! We have used the resources from Talk Boost KS1 back in the classroom as they have worked so well in the group.

I would recommend taking some time before you start Talk Boost KS1 to see what resources you will need and making decisions about how the group can be run in your school. However once that is done then you can run the group several times using the same resources.

We have found Talk Boost KS1 to be good value for money, the resources are lovely and the children really enjoy the sessions. We have, and would continue, to recommend it to other schools.