New books available on I CAN’s shop: Can I tell you about Autism?

 Do your child or a child you are supporting have autism?

If yes, then you may find ‘Can I tell you about Autism?’ useful. This book is a part of the series from Jessica Kingsley Publishers covering a range of difficulties that children can have. It is aimed at parents and professionals and anyone who may be in contact with a child with autism.

The book is written in two parts: the first part lets the reader see the world through the eyes of a child with autism; the second offers strategies to help interact with children with autism. This book is easy to read and explains some of the challenges children with autism can face in simple language.

The main character, Tom, tells you about how he finds it difficult to cope in a range of situations and how you can help. The support strategies include a range of ways that parents, teachers and anyone else in contact with a child with autism can help. There is also a useful list of support organisations and websites and more about the background theory about autism at the end of the book.

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