Kids With Talk Boost Signs

Happy 2nd Birthday, Talk Boost!

Talk Boost is I CAN’s hugely popular speech, language and communication intervention. As we approach its second birthday we take the opportunity to reflect on some of Talk Boost’s great achievements of the past two years.

Talk Boost is now supporting children, aged 4-7, with language delay, in more than 1,000 schools to help them catch up with their peers.  Talk Boost’s high impact and efficient approach helps children involved to make between 9 and 18 months progress with their language skills after just 10 weeks of intervention – 3 times the ‘normal’ rate of progress!

With children eligible for Free School Meals over twice as likely to have language difficulties, many schools are choosing to spend their pupil premium funding on Talk Boost, providing schools with good evidence of the impact of this spend.

Having proved its calibre, Talk Boost’s high impact, evidence based and structured approach quickly made it a favourite among school staff, swiftly placing it as I CAN’s most popular intervention programme; leading to its nomination for the 2013 Children and Young People Now Learning award.

With nearly 400 qualified Talk Boost Licensed Tutors nationwide cascading training out to schools in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, almost 3000 school staff have been trained to deliver Talk Boost to children at their schools. Since the first school introduced Talk Boost 2 years ago, in excess of 10,000 children have benefited from the intervention.

Schools regularly report how children are doing in Talk Boost groups all over the country, allowing us to give you up to date impacts. Here are some of our most recent findings:

  • Nearly ¾ of children taking part in Talk Boost reach expected levels in their ability to talk in sentences
  • 82% of children no longer need additional help understanding and using vocabulary, following Talk Boost intervention.
  • 69% of children who receive just 10 weeks of Talk Boost intervention no longer need help with understanding spoken language, as they have reached expected levels.
  • Nearly ¾ of children who receive Talk Boost feel that they are good communicators after the intervention.
  • After Talk Boost, 89% of children say that they feel good about talking to their friends.

But that’s enough from us, here are some comments directly from schools themselves.

“The children LOVED going to Talk Boost and were disappointed when it finished.” – Marks Gate Infant School

“The 10 weeks of support is making a massive difference…it benefits the individual child so much,” – Higher Level TA, Rochdale

“It takes precedence over everything else as we see it as so important”Gail Roles, SENCO at Oyster Park School

To find out more about how Talk Boost can benefit your school  or to book training, please email or call us on 0207 843 2515.