Let’s Grow Talk Together! A guest blog from Tots on Tour.

It’s been a fantastic Chatterbox Challenge week, and our wonderful partner groups have been sharing blogs and activities throughout! This blog is from Tots on Tour, an organisation committed to raising awareness of children’s early communication and language skills . Read their blog below, and stay tuned for more coming up in the very near future!

Communication is an essential life skill; it enables us to make friends, be successful in school and to be happy.

Tots on Tour is an organisation committed and passionate about raising the awareness and importance of early communication and language skills, ensuring all children become confident communicators.

In order to help engage, enable and enhance confident young communicators, Tots on Tour have enlisted the help of Mikey, a talking and listening partner. Mikey’s smiling face encourages children to engage, babble, point, chatter, and to develop their communication skills further.

Mikey has some very important Top Tips that help us to Grow Talk Together.

  • Time spent together is essential for Growing Talk
  • Be at eye level when you are Talking Together
  • Use your eyes and facial expressions to show children you are interested
  • Watch and listen to your children to see what they are interested in (It’s not always the things we think they will be interested in!)
  • Comment & talk about everyday things and the things they are interested in (but avoid too many questions)
  • Respond to their communication
  • Stretch and Grow their communication by adding new words eg “Yes it is a dog, it’s a big dog”
  • Give your children THINKING TIME – it can take them a few seconds to find the word they are thinking of
  • Keep dummies for sleepy times
  • Share songs, rhymes and stories together

This week, Mikey has been working in partnership with Humf in support of Chatterbox Challenge

Just like Humf, Mikey loves to encourage children’s chatter about the things they see and hear throughout their day. He has enjoyed the excitement of their new words and sounds; “splish, splashing wellies”, “birds cheeping” and shared new experiences as we discovered snowdrops and daffodils together…. Growing Talk Together

Fiona Cann and Sara Sprague

Founders of Tots on Tour

For more information visit www.totsontour.co.uk

Twitter: @totsontour

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