A Talk Boost KS1 case study from Elburton Primary School in Plymouth

A case study from Angie Ferme, a Teaching Assistant at Elburton Primary School in Plymouth, which undertook Talk Boost KS1 training in 2013.

Why Talk Boost KS1?

We heard about Talk Boost KS1 through our SENCO who arranged for us to undergo training with another school. As there were children in the foundation year with speech and language needs, we felt that there was a real need for an intervention to help and that Talk Boost KS1 was ideal for this.

How did you implement Talk Boost KS1?

12 children have already undergone Talk Boost KS1, 1 experimental group before the summer holidays and 2 more groups in the autumn term. The children were chosen in our pupil progress meetings and there were many reasons for our choices: for example, we selected those who were quiet in class, had a reluctance to participate in group work or found it hard expressing themselves.

What was the impact of Talk Boost KS1?

The Talk Boost KS1 training has developed my knowledge of speech and language and importantly has also helped me identify other needs that children may have.  The intervention has been very valuable in a number of ways – it has been good for teaching listening skills and the children now understand the importance of listening well in small groups and in whole class situations.  One of our teachers has said that, “Talk Boost KS1 has had a noticeable effect on the children involved; they have become more confident within themselves, being more vocal when sharing ideas logically, and this is beginning to become evident in their writing.”  One of the biggest impacts Talk Boost KS1 has had is that it has addressed the lack of confidence some children felt: teachers have noticed that children have been more confident in speaking in larger groups and have demonstrated turn taking through putting their hands up in class.  The children undergoing Talk Boost KS1 have stood in front of the rest of the class to explain what goes on in the sessions, showing the extent to which their confidence has increased.  In terms of language, there has been a great leap in children’s sentence-building and their vocabulary use is much better.

We have found that children’s general knowledge has increased and they have built up the confidence to use a wider range of words.  The Talk Boost KS1 resources are brilliant – the timetable is easy to follow and the My Special Talk Boost Books have been a great way to engage parents and bring language development into the home.  One of the children has said that after Talk Boost KS1 he now “feels really good” about his work and manages to write more in his books.  The intervention has been especially effective in our school because the children have really enjoyed the Talk Boost KS1 books and sessions – they see it as fun and games! One child liked Talk Boost KS1 because it “has helped to build sentences to do ‘Big Write’.”  Another child says they “enjoy the games played with rhyming words.”

One of our teachers has the following feedback about Talk Boost KS1, “I feel that this programme has had a big impact on some pupils, namely those shy/quiet and lacking in confidence.  It has helped them feel more confident with their “speaking in sentences” which in turn has helped them contribute more to class question and answer sessions and discussions.

It has had less impact on those with other difficulties e.g. processing difficulties, but all children have enjoyed the group work and opportunities presented.”

What are your future plans for Talk Boost KS1?

We are looking to build the momentum of Talk Boost KS1 in the school and introduce the intervention across the year groups.  The year 2 teachers have been very positive about Talk Boost KS1 and the other teachers have already started to identify children for the next sessions. Looking forward, we would like to get another TA trained up in Talk Boost KS1 to enable us to run more groups simultaneously.


This blog is a case study from Angie Ferme, a Teaching Assistant at Elburton Primary School in Plymouth, which undertook Talk Boost training in 2013.  Click here to find out more about Talk Boost KS1.