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Why we love Meath School

Because our son Thomas was a twin it was obvious from a very early age that he wasn’t progressing as quickly as he should. It took 5 years for us to get a diagnosis but during that time it became clear that, although he had mild/moderate learning difficulties, his main area of difficulty was with speech and language. So when our County Council offered us a place in a school for severely disabled children which did not have a strong SLT input we were dismayed and anxious. The relief we felt when we discovered Meath and were offered a place for Thomas was indescribable.

Our journey to get Thomas into Meath took us almost to the point of a Tribunal but it was a journey worth taking as, despite all the stress and heartache, Thomas ultimately got placed in the best possible school. The confidence we have in Meath School to provide the very best education for our son has grown year on year and when I tell people about Meath I describe it as the ‘creme de la creme’ of speech therapy schools. Within the context of a Special Needs school that can tailor his education to his needs and abilities, Thomas is doing brilliantly.  He continues to go from strength to strength, he is confident, independent and above all, happy.

The staff that work at Meath consistently go the extra mile to ensure their pupils achieve their full potential, in every aspect of life. When Thomas got diagnosed earlier this year with diabetes his teacher travelled all the way to the hospital to help us explain to him what was happening and even managed to use football analogies to engage his interest and understanding.  Since then all members of staff working with him have happily attended training sessions on diabetes and the catering manager is ready and willing to help us manage his condition by providing nutritional information for all the meals he eats on school premises.

Thomas loves his time at Meath School. He loves his teachers, he loves his friends, he loves Den Club and choir practise and ringing the lunchtime bell. He loves taking part in events like the pyjama marathon and in assemblies and the Meath Talent Show and Sports Day. And because of all those reasons and so many, many more, we love Meath too.