Three Peaks A

The Three Peakers do it for I CAN!

On the 6th September Alison, Caroline, Caroline, Vicki, Jill, Fiona, Fiona, Jo, Nicola & Judith trekked up the Three Peaks within 48 hours for I CAN!  Vicky completed this same challenge in an amazing 24 hours! They say….

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us and I CAN! So far we have raised over £8,000 and we really appreciate your support.  Our page is still open for anyone who would like to show their support

Thanks again …the Three Peakers x


One of the Three Peakers, Caroline Hadde-Wight shared with us their incredible experience:

Challenge Begins – Ben Nevis

At the start of our walk up Ben Nevis the sun was out and we all felt good.  We were off, t shirts on and additional layers in our sacks.  Fairly quickly our walk got tough with a good hour and a half of a rock staircase where each step was equivalent to taking 3 stairs at once. Our legs got into their rhythm and we made good and steady progress. The closer we got to the summit the colder it got until eventually most of us were donning hats, gloves and plenty of layers. We reached the summit just before 6pm and celebrated with a quick snack…..quick partly because it was too cold to hang around for too long! Our descent began and for a lot of us that was actually harder than the climb.  Poles were definitely worth taking up and were very instrumental in getting many of us down.  3 hours later we reached the bottom, grateful of a seat, we piled back into the mini bus and headed for our B & B.

 24 Hours in – Scafell Pike

A lovely local supper and a good night’s sleep we were back in the bus at 7.30am and en route to Scafell Pike.  6 hours in the bus didn’t do any ones legs any favours and most of us climbed out looking like there is no way we would climb another mountain but after a few steps we loosened up and were ready to take on the climb but with a very different look this time!  Water proofs and ponchos!  Cumbria was living up to the sign warning us it was the wettest place in the country!  The scenery was stunning despite the rain and we all felt in good spirits.  We covered some interesting terrain and at times our walk was more rock climbing than walking but the weather continued to worsen.  Unfortunately with only 2km left to go, our guide took the difficult decision to turn us back.  We were all gutted but with the failing light and horrid weather we appreciated the conditions were becoming dangerous.  So back down we headed and arrived back at the mini bus at 6.30……..

Last but not least – Snowdon

The next morning we set off for Snowdon.  Again, waterproofs were required but not the ponchos too!  We were climbing the steeper side of Snowdon and descending the gentler route.  Again, stiff legs loosened up amazingly well and the scenery was beautiful.  There were some very steep scrambles up but the pull of the cafe at the top kept us going. 3 hours later and by this time in the fog…we reached the summit.  A celebratory hot chocolate and a tasty nibble was very well deserved and we all purchased a t shirt with the 3 peaks on (although we felt we may have to adapt Scafell to say “almost”) The descent was definitely the easiest one, which was probably just as well as our legs were definitely feeling the effects of the last 48 hours.

Three Peaks Done

The bus was a very welcoming sight and an amazing feeling to think we had completed our challenge.  Even more amazing was that there was not so much as a blister between us!  Boots off for the last time we took our seats ready for our journey back!  Sleep overwhelmed most of us until our stop at the services after 2 hours where we treated ourselves to a very naughty McDonalds. 4 hours later we arrived at our drop off point with eagerly awaiting husbands.  The final steps out of the bus were the hardest ones but we were all looking forward to a hot bath.

A Week Later

We have now had a week to reflect on our adventure and I think it’s safe to say we are all thrilled to have taken on the three peaks.  It was an incredible achievement and one we are all proud to say we have done and already looking forward to next year’s challenge!


If you feel inspired and want to take part in a trek challenge for I CAN then watch this space as we are currently planning our 2014 Three Peaks Trek Challenge! For more details register your interest with Krista at