Underwater Swimming

Try our Does It Float? activity!

For this activity you will need a bowl of water, or you can carry out your investigation in a wet area. Begin by discussing what ‘floating’ and ‘sinking’ mean i.e. “Stays on top of the water” and “goes down to the bottom.” Choose a range of materials (e.g. cork, paper, card, plastic etc) and ask the children whether they think the material will float or sink. Try it out and see what actually happens – this is a good way of teaching vocabulary, but also extremely good fun for the children!  Try it with different plastic bottles, some that are empty and some that are partially or completely filled with water. Encourage talking throughout the activity by commenting on what you are doing or asking, “I wonder what will happen if…”  Respond positively to what the children are saying to you.

Pre-school activity

Chatterbox Challenge 2012