Getting it right first time – Ofsted (2013)

Head of Ofsted Sir Michael Wilshaw’s latest report ‘Getting it right first time’ starts by stressing the importance of the early years to children’s future success.  Wilshaw states that ‘If, as a society, we are committed to closing the attainment gap, then closing it at an early stage is the priority.’

The Ofsted report highlights the improvement in children’s outcomes since 2008 but says that there is not enough improvement in settings.  It also states that the gap between disadvantaged children and their peers (especially in the area of communication skills) is still too large.

The report, published in July 2013, emphasises the importance of strong leadership in the early years.  It highlights  the importance of external challenge; a well qualified workforce; staff access to continuing professional development; staff and parents working together to help children achieve; and opportunities for staff to visit other settings.

It was heartening to see I CAN’s programmes being referred to specifically when describing good practice.  The Early Language Development Programme (ELDP) has many of the features described.  I also know that through Early Talk (0 – 5 years),  I CAN’s wider staff training opportunities, our network of accredited early years settings and the validation of good practice will be really helpful for other early years settings who want to ‘Get it right from the start’.

Download the full report.

Kate Freeman
Lead advisor for children and families programmes