Running for I CAN in the Bupa London 10K

A team of 60 runners pounded the streets for I CAN in the BUPA London 10K on the 27th May. It was a glorious day with a buzzing atmosphere and some fantastic cheering from the I CAN stand. We are so grateful to all our runners for their hard work fundraising and training – you should be so proud of yourselves! Some amazing photos were captured on the day, click here to be inspired!

A special mention to our corporate teams Openreach and Print Data Solutions Ltd for all their support.  Team leader of Print Data Solutions, Scott Rendall, shares his experience of running the Bupa London 10K for I CAN:

When asked to be involved with the BUPA 10000 this year and raise money for I CAN I thought to myself, it’s only 10k, it’s not actually that far so why not! But then I reminded myself, I said the exact same thing last year and then I realised, during my training (or lack of it), that actually 10,000 meters is quite far, especially for someone who isn’t as active as I once was. My “planned training” started 12 weeks before the race day. My strategy was to start at 1k, running 3 times a week and increase the distance by 1km every week; ensuring I am fully prepared for when the race day arrives. Makes complete sense, right?

Add into my weekly “training plan” my career, 2 children under 5, my wife and youth sporting commitments at the weekend, my plan quickly changed from 3 times a week to just once. 4 weeks before the day, I had managed to run 6km so I was sort of on track, although the following 2 weeks, due to other commitments I didn’t manage one single run. It was now 2 weeks before the day so I thought I’ll try and increase the intensity, so I ran 6km on the Tuesday, 6km on the Thursday then the full 10km on the Sunday.

Tuesday and Thursday were fine, however by Sunday, my calf’s felt like they were made of lead! I set off on Sunday morning as planned but by 3km my brain and legs had fallen out with each other so I found it very hard just to put one foot in front of the other and although I eventually made the 10km, it was far from easy. I rested until the race day, knowing from experience that the atmosphere will encourage my legs to keep going and of course the pure reason why I am involved, to raise money for I CAN. Seeing so many charities and volunteers on the day  who have trained to take part in the run and more importantly, raise money for their chosen charity is very inspirational indeed, it’s a great day and one I recommend anyone to be involved with.

PDS (Print Data Solutions) have worked with I CAN for approx. 5 years so we have seen first-hand the difference they are making to children in the UK. Creating “team PDS” was easy because of what I CAN do – there was 13 of us in the end, all of whom (I’m pleased to say) made it round in one piece (myself included) and many have already asked to sign up again for next year! We all worked hard on the sponsorship and managed to reach our target which everyone was happy about and we hope our contribution helps I CAN continue to do what they do best! To sponsor Team PDS click here .

Will I run again next year??? Yes, of course! When will I start my training??? I already have…

If you feel inspired to join Team I CAN in the Bupa London 2014 secure a place now and select I CAN as your chosen charity.