I CAN’s 125th Anniversary Therapy Theme Day

In order to celebrate I CAN’s 125th anniversary, the Therapy Department at Dawn House School led a ‘themed day’ which aimed to highlight the achievements of the charity and how pupils’ speech, language and communication needs are supported in school.

The day, which involved 37 students from primary age through to year 11, started with a quiz for students about the history of I CAN. Some groups produced mind maps about how speech and language therapy and occupational therapy support helps them with areas such as understanding other’s points of view, developing social skills and having conversations through to life skills and handwriting.

The Therapy Team organised a range of activity sessions which reflected some of the areas of support they provide for pupils in school. These included ‘Memory Magic’ – the Pirate Island activity involved following a trail to the treasure and students used rehearsal to aid information recall; ‘Do as I Say’ involved using Lego building to focus on giving and following instructions; and ‘Fun Food’ involved designing names in spaghetti. These sessions used fun activities and games aimed at practising skills important for communication.

The Therapy staff also organised I CAN Create; a craft activity session related to I CAN’s 125th Anniversary. Pupils and staff joined in wholeheartedly and the day was a great success.

DHS therapy day