Engage in Education

Engage in Education evaluation report

At the end of May the Engage in Education external evaluation report was released to accompany I CAN’s own evaluation of this programme.

Key outcomes mentioned in the report included a reduction in fixed term exclusions, a 58% increase in young people’s attendance, and a 61% increase in their attainment. Around 65% of young people reported their communication skills had improved following participation in Engage in Education and the evaluation clearly demonstrated the links between communication skills and engagement of young people.

Funded by the DfE, the Engage in Education programme was a two year pilot aimed at young people between the ages of 11 and 18 years of age. It began in April 2011 and was led by Catch 22 with a consortium of other involved charities (including I CAN). I CAN Communication Advisors worked with locality teams and 35 schools across 5 geographical regions to develop the understanding of the link between communication needs and behaviour difficulties in young people. The focus was on supporting staff to identify hidden communication difficulties and embedding practical strategies to support these difficulties into day to day practice.

To read the full external report and I CAN’s own evaluation, go to www.ican.org.uk/engageineducation