Dawn House Pupils

Dawn House School pupils deliver training to I CAN staff

On Tuesday 11th June, young people from Dawn House School FE department came to London to deliver a training session to I CAN staff about how it feels to have speech, language and communication needs, what they find difficult, strategies that help them and also celebrated their talents.

The training session was part of I CAN’s involvement in the Raising Your Game project and aim to increase pupil participation within the organisation.

Lisette Broadfoot, I CAN Information Manager said, “It was a fantastic session – really interactive and informative. The young people were brilliant and really confident speaking in front of a room full of people – something most of us would find really difficult. I feel like I understand the needs of young people with SLCN more clearly now. I’d like to thank all the young people, Glenn Major and Dawn House School staff who supported, for a wonderful training session.”

“It was really good to do the presentation”

“A good experience for all the young people…for getting confidence to do a presentation”

“I thought it was great because people came to hear what WE had to say”

“We’ve been working on it since October-I was glad to be able to deliver it”

“I enjoyed all of it. The quiz was fun to do.”

“It was fun to meet the I CAN people.”