Chatterbox Combe Bank1

Combe Bank Prep School wins a visit from TV character, Humf, with I CAN’s Chatterbox Challenge!

The Early Years Department at Combe Bank Prep School in Sevenoaks are I CAN’s top Chatterbox Challenge fundraisers, having raised over £850 for I CAN. More than 65 children participated and their efforts were rewarded with a visit from Nick Jr’s TV show character, Humf, who made a surprise appearance at a picnic party at the school.

This was I CAN’s 12th annual Chatterbox Challenge, through which children learn rhymes and songs to develop their speaking and understanding skills, whilst also raising money for I CAN’s work with children who struggle to communicate.

Humf joined in with the singing of some songs at the picnic event, and the children had a Humf hug before enjoying a picnic in the school grounds. Being chosen to receive a visit was a fantastic suprise for the children. Claudia, aged 4, said, “I loved having a picnic with Humf”, and Anishka, aged 5, said “I liked it when we cuddled Humf!”

Mrs Walker, the Head of Combe Bank Prep School, said: “We are thrilled to have won a visit from Humf for raising money for I CAN’s Chatterbox Challenge. Communication skills are vital for young children to develop and we are really pleased to have helped support I CAN’s work with children who struggle with their speaking and understanding.”

Judith Conlin, the Head of Early Years Foundation Stage at Combe Bank School, said: “We will definitely take part in the Chatterbox Challenge again and support I CAN in their work.”

She went on to say: “The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the I CAN Chatterbox Challenge. It was our third year of fundraising for I CAN. Our Early Years children love learning rhymes and songs and proudly recited eight on the day of the Chatterbox Challenge. The children in Reception had an additional challenge – to learn two poems: Dinner-Time Rhyme by June Crebbin and the rhyme Yellow Butter. The children continued reciting the rhymes, poems and songs, long after the Chatterbox Challenge, developing their own communication and language skills as well as having raised over £800 for I CAN and children with communication difficulties.”

The 2013 Chatterbox Challenge raised over £40,000! I CAN are very grateful for the support of all those who took part and we are glad to hear that the children of Combe Bank Prep School enjoyed their well–deserved visit from Humf! We look forward to having you all on board for the 2014 Chatterbox Challenge event.

Chatterbox Challenge, 2013.