You can still be involved with the Early Language Development Programme (ELDP)

Phase one of ELDP is now complete with 500 early language hubs developed across England.  These hubs are now offering local training courses for practitioners wanting to learn more about supporting communication and language development with babies and toddlers.  Visit http://eldp.talkingpoint.org.uk/map to find out details of your nearest hub.

For more experienced practitioners wanting to develop their skills further and gain a level 4 qualification, ELDP has teamed up with Elklan to deliver ‘Speech and Language Support for 0-3s’. For more information about this free course, please contact Sally McAlister on 020 7843 2562 or smcalister@ican.org.uk.

We are really pleased that I CAN, along with the early language consortium, has achieved over its original target for phase one of the Early Language Development Programme.  The final number of lead practitioners trained to deliver 3 different courses supporting speech, language and communication development with children under 3 is a fantastic 998!  This means that there are 500 hubs across England (involving 112 Local Authorities).  44 training courses were run between February 2012 and March 2013.

The next phase of the ELDP is well on its way with 5000 more practitioners having been involved in local training courses.  I CAN advisors will be supporting greater cascading of the three training courses by local hubs across the next 12 months.

An even deeper understanding of early communication and language development can be gained through a new level 4 course developed by Elklan, as part of ELDP.  The first pilot of this course has now been completed with the finalised course being available free as an e-learning package or through free face to face training sessions.

For up to date information on all aspects of the Early Language Development Programme, visit http://eldp.talkingpoint.org.uk.