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Joining I CAN’s Licensed Tutor network

“I work as an NHS employed Speech and Language Therapist, commissioned to work as part of Rochdale’s I CAN Specialist Early Years Service. We support children aged 3-5 years with Specific Language Impairment (SLI).

As well as supporting children directly, a large proportion of our work is helping parents / carers and early years education professionals to support children’s specific speech, language and communication needs.

Recently I have joined I CAN’s Licensed Tutor network

I initially trained in the Nuffield Early Language Intervention as this has the strongest research based evidence to prove the intervention works.

Nuffield is an evidenced-based oral language intervention programme for children in nursery and reception classes. The rigorous research shows children who receive the programme make significant gains in several aspects of oral language including vocabulary knowledge, grammatical ability and narrative skills.

I then trained to be a Talk Boost tutor. Talk Boost is a targeted and evidenced intervention for children with delayed language. Research shows it can boost a child’s communication by an average of 18 months after ten weeks of intervention.

It is easy to see how the Talk Boost resources can be readily accessed and shared in settings, perfect as a ‘targeted’ resource. The next step for me is running our own courses with others.

I am most excited about how parents and setting staff respond to and embrace these interventions. Importantly, we need to be able to observe and measure the impact these interventions have on the children we work with.”

Victoria Wadsworth, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Rochdale’s I CAN Specialist Early Years Service


I CAN are recruiting experienced communication practitioners to cascade a wide range of training days for schools and settings. For a limited time only, we are offering training bursaries for all our Licensed Tutor courses so the only thing you need to pay for are the resources!

If you are interested in becoming a Licensed Tutor for any of our courses and want to find out more about our range of bursaries, email and Conditions apply.