Retromania: Young Enterprise at Dawn House School

Andy Metcalfe, Further Education (FE) Tutor at Dawn House School tells us about the school’s Young Enterprise project.

The Young Enterprise project at Dawn House School is a retro-themed business called Retromania which sells record clocks (singles), bags and mugs at the moment. All these products have retro-based designs on them. Retromania has been in business since September 2012. We’ve taken our products to two Afasic Voice for Life conferences this year, at Haydock Park and in London. We also sold products at the school’s Christmas Concert.

All FE students are involved in the project and some of these students share their thoughts below:

What do you enjoy about being involved in the project?

Pierce Gartland, a year 14 student, said: “I like selling the products and going out to different places.”

Oliver Steinmetz a year 14 student, said: “I enjoy selling and going to different places in the UK.”

What have you been making?

Pierce: “Mainly record clocks made from old singles and designing and printing images onto bags for life.”

What it was like when you went to the Afasic conference?

Oliver: “Excited, Happy.”

Pierce:  “A little nervous at first but felt we had achieved something very important afterwards.”

What have you learnt from being involved in the Young Enterprise project?

Pierce: “Teamwork, helped with confidence, met some important people.”

Oliver: “Teamwork, helped my confidence.”

How will this help you in the future?

Pierce: “Experience in the world of work.”

Oliver: “Working with different people.”