Early Language Development Programme update

The 142 children’s centre/nursery workers, speech and language therapists and local authority early years practitioners and professionals who are taking up our free training opportunity in September are coming from as far apart as Cornwall and Birmingham and Croydon and Cumbria.

We are particularly pleased that nearly 50% of the 249 hubs of speech, language and communication knowledge being created to date are in areas of least advantage.

Please click here to view a map of the ELDP sites across the country.

Although the programme is being taken up in over 80 different local authorities, there are still significant gaps in coverage, and we are encouraging all local authorities to consider how this programme could help benefit the early years workforce in their area, raising awareness of speech, language and communication (SLC) development needs in babies and under 3s, and giving them the tools to help SLC development with children and their parents.

Many local authorities are now coordinating a roll out plan for their area ensuring that hubs are created strategically to capture all their satellite early years settings, giving them the confidence that they can offer a quality provision, especially in light of the additional two year old free entitlement. For some local authorities, the ELDP is complementing an ongoing ECaT or similar local early language programme.

To date, 40 training pairs have started to cascade training and resources to a local network and have reached some 1,228 family facing and early years practitioners. Practitioners who have engaged with the programme are reporting a very positive experience, for example Holly Benn, a children’s centre teacher from Lancashire, says:

“I’ve really loved being part of this programme, and even though some of the groups we’ve trained have been a bit ‘feisty’ and opinionated it’s made for some good debates and has challenged the way I think about a few things. I’ve learnt an enormous amount about language development and how children learn so I am really grateful to have been a part of it. It’s been such a positive experience in so many ways and I truly believe that everyone that works with young children should have this training! In fact, every parent should as well!”

If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved with the Early Language Development Programme, go to our website  eldp.talkingpoint.org.uk or contact Sally McAlister at smcalister@ican.org.uk, or tel: 020 7843 2562

Training events coming up in October and November are scheduled as follows:

Warrington 1, 2 Oct, Telford 4, 5 Oct, Bath 18, 19 Oct, London 22, 23 Oct, London 6, 12 Nov, London 19, 20 Nov.