Outstanding results for Meath School pupils

Every year we compare the progress of our year 6 pupils during Key Stage 2 (years 3 – 6) against the progress of all SEN learners,  using the Progression Guidance data provided by the Department for Education. This year the progress has been truly outstanding with a large percentage of the 11 pupils achieving in the top 25 % of all SEN pupils –  73% of the pupils in Science, 76% of the pupils in Maths and 82% of the pupils in English ( which is the hardest subject for them given their speech, language and communication needs.)

How have the pupils achieved these outstanding results? As a school team we thought about what has made such an amazing and positive impact on the outcomes for this group of pupils:

  • The school offers a honed educational context specialising in the learning of young pupils with SLCN
  • We have a culture of independent learning within the school and the children feel responsible for their own learning and achievement. They push themselves harder to achieve.
  • Breaking down the barriers caused by language to effective learning in these subjects by our specialist speech and language therapists working in close collaboration with teaching staff.
  • Speech and language therapists and teachers plan specialist teaching toolkits in the English, Maths and Science curriculum, focussing on the core skills, concepts and vocabulary that underpin learning at different levels
  • differentiated support for learning in every lesson, targeted to maximise independent learning
  • Continuous and skilled assessment for learning from teaching staff and SLTs
  • High expectations and levels of challenge for all pupils and a midyear review of how well they  are progressing with targeted action plans for extra support or extra challenge
  • All our child contact staff have  high levels of expertise  skilled because their training and development is concentrated and focused on SLCN and impact on learning
  • An integrated Occupational Therapy service provides an appropriate environment for learning to increase the pupils’ attention control, enjoyment and participation in learning

We are SO proud of our Year 6 pupils – they have worked so very hard to achieve these results and we know they will be a credit to their secondary schools!