Dominic Ing-Seaborne – The day that changed me

The first question that I would ask you all reading this, is what do you think of me?  You might describe me as bright as the sun, and as so fit, clever, skilful and practical, that you would think that my body and mind are perfect like a god!  But everyone has had their down side in life.

In the past you could have described me as brainless, as an unfit animal scavenging for food, and so senseless I was almost inhuman.  You may say in a biased way; “How is this boy every going to get a good education, a decent job, and live a good normal life?  He is very disabled, and that’s that. In the past when I was at my first school; life was hard for me.  There, at that school, I stood out as being different from the other students, you could have thought I was a strange mythical creature, and not able to fit in with the world.  The other students bullied me for that reason, and would not let me play with them, treating me as though I was a dangerous animal.  “Go away Dominic, or we’ll tell someone”, they would say.  Then they would go and get the staff member on duty in the playground, and the staff member would tell me off.  Even the teachers seemed to bully me, as if I was their worst nightmare because I couldn’t understand the work they wanted me to do.  All of this happened until the day that changed me, one when I was pulled out from that school.

For the next few weeks me and my parents looked at schools that could help me with my difficulties until we found one.  It was a speech and language school, called Meath School.  It was a big manor house with a playground, green grass fields and bright welcoming classrooms behind it.  It all made me feel welcome, and the students and staff made me feel very welcome as though I was a normal everyday person.  When I moved there I learned to speak as quickly as a cheetah runs, and write as well; I was Mark Twain.  I discovered I had many talents, such as singing, acting and sporting talents.  Over the years I spent at that school my popularity was growing so fast, friends were being made as though I was a famous president who won an important election for my people.  People said to me now, “Hello Dominic, how are you?” “Let’s play it together”.  The teachers were growing more impressed with all the good work I was doing which gave me so much courage and determination to do well as though I was gold to them.   They would say “Brilliant work today Dominic, you’re doing really well, and I’m proud of you”.  I left my school when I was year 6 after 4 years of successful education there; I left with a positive future for secondary school that, in the beginning, when I was telling you about myself in my early first school you may have said it would be impossible.

Life got even better!

When I was in year 7 my Mum and Dad got permission from the authority for me to go to another special school for special needs children with difficulties such as Asperger’s.  The positive changes that Meath made helped me to do my work as positive as a lion.

For my future I want to be a football coach by going to Sparsholt College to do BTEC diploma in sport first at level 2; then to do a higher level 3 course, and then do FA and who knows maybe I’ll achieve Uefa levels in football, and, maybe I will meet my future wife and have children.

So this is me now at 15 years of age from being not able to fit in the world at the beginning, and being as disabled as a broken car, to being as clever as an owl, and as so skilful, bright and practical that I can make my English teacher laugh!

Don’t be ashamed of who you are; because we always have a down side of our lives, but there’s a way out of that that can lead you to a better future, but its your choice whether you take that path on that day to make it happen, and who knows you may become something good in the future, and find more of yourself in different parts of the world and your life.

I’ve taken that path loads of times, and that’s what made me today.  This was the day that changed me, and remember, there’s always a day that can change you.

Dominic Ing-Seaborne
Age 15 – July 2012