Update on the Early Language Development Programme (ELDP)

Early Language Development Programme (ELDP) training has started to roll out nationally with two-day courses currently running in Birmingham and Sheffield.

After completion of the initial training pilots in March, 6 ELDP hubs have started cascading and have so far reached 165 individual practitioners with their sessions.

For example, in March, the hub in Barrow in Furness held a ‘Babies and Toddlers ‘session with 1 pre-school manager, 28 children’s centre and nursery workers, 4 heath visitors, 3 support workers and 1 school teacher.  A sample of some of the participant’s comments were: “it made me reflect on my practice as a teacher”, “good to know up to date information” and “I got exactly what I wanted!” They have now set up a communication network for participants to keep in touch, receiving a quarterly newsletter with tips, evidence of best practice and reminders etc. A great example of joint working!

22 more events have been planned to embed the learning in a local network of family-facing practitioners.  For example, in Bexley, a ‘Babies and Toddlers’ cascade event is planned with health visitors and their nursery nurse teams in May, and another is planned for 25-30 children’s centre staff throughout Bexley.  This cascade will target the creche staff, nursery nurses, outreach workers and play work team too.  The hub is also working with the parenting team to enhance the content of their parenting courses.  ELDP materials have also been shared with the SLT team to inform the training they deliver to paediatricians.

In Workington in Cumbria, the plan is to continue cascading over the next year, and one of the ideas is to target specific nurseries that have a ‘satisfactory’ Ofsted grade, and do a full staff team session on-site in the nursery.  The plan is also to hold a series of one-off workshops just for parents and carers, and particularly foster carers.

If you think ELDP would be beneficial in your area – perhaps complementing or enhancing existing initiatives – places are still available on our free training courses as follows:


London 28, 29


Newcastle 13, 14
Warrington 18, 19
London 25, 26

Please visit eldp.talkingpoint.org.uk for more information and/or to register interest