Guest blog: Heather Green from Liss Junior School, Hampshire

We began the Communication Triathlon fortnight with an opening ceremony/assembly. We had banner bearers for Thinking, Talking, Teamwork. We tried to learn a new word everyday and each class completed several of the activities. They chose their favourite to share with the rest of the school in our closing ceremony/assembly. At the end, 45 children (11 with Moderate Learning Difficulties) signed the song ‘Proud’ by Heather Small.

There was not a dry eye in the house. The local press came to take photographs and it made it on to the front page.

On a more personal note, I am very proud to have raised £1,200 so far, for I CAN through running the London Marathon, and there is more to come. I chose to support I CAN because I am lucky enough to have the best job in the world. I get to work with amazing children who make me smile and laugh every single day. They also face many challenges…. everyday. One of those challenges is communication. They work extremely hard to understand and be understood.

At the end of July, we will be sending our Year 6 pupils from The Learning Centre at Liss Junior School, onto the next exciting phase of their education as they begin Secondary School. This year is particularly special, as it is the first group of Year 6 to leave us who will have been with us for all 4 years of their Junior education. All the children have given me so much inspiration and have taught me so much, I feel very privileged to have been their teacher.

As a ‘Thank You’, I ran the London Marathon to raise some money for I CAN. I chose I CAN because they are the children’s communication charity. I CAN’s mission is to ensure that no child who struggles to communicate is left out or left behind.

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