Checking your child’s progress in the early years

As parents we are all keen to know that our children are developing just as they should.  Shouldn’t he be walking yet?  When should she start to talk in sentences?  We are full of questions about our child’s development!  So, it is great news to hear that the new Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the curriculum that our children will follow in their early years, expects parents to be told all about their child’s progress after a development check carried out when they are two.

How reassuring; as parents we will be told exactly how our child is getting along.  It’s the sort of information that as parents most of us love to have.  But often this doesn’t stop us wanting to find out for ourselves how our child is doing, or preparing some information for ourselves to talk to early years staff about.

This is where the Talking Point website can be so helpful.  It is full of information on how speech and language develops and what to expect from our children at different ages.  There is even a progress checker that means we can make sure our child is doing exactly what they should be for their age.  It’s a brilliant way to find out how your child is getting on with their speech, language and communication development and for getting some tips on how we can help them even more.

If you are concerned about your child’s speech and would like to talk to a friendly speech and language therapist about your child’s development , call 0207 843 2544 to arrange a free call back.  Our therapists can suggest useful activities and signpost you to helpful organisations.  You can also email your enquiries to for a free email response.