How is my child with SLCN getting on at school?

With the end of the Spring Term just around the corner many parents will be taking a look back at the year so far and having a think about how their son or daughter is getting on at school. For those of you whose child has got speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) there may be even more questions to ask. Has she made any friends this year?  How is he getting on in the classroom? Why can he never remember what his homework is? It can be very difficult for parents to get the information they want, or even know the right questions to ask.

You might find it helpful to try and see if you can get a meeting with your child’s teacher and the SENCO if possible, to talk specifically about how your child is getting on. Prepare a list of question in advance, and maybe even bring some examples of things that you have noticed or that your child has told you about school. Why not get in touch with other people that work with your child, for example their speech and language therapist if they see one. You could ask for an update on how they feel your child is getting on, and see if you can get some ideas of things you could be doing at home to help them.

If you have any queries or concerns about your child, or would like some more information about ways to support SLCN in school, why not call the I CAN Help Enquiry Service? You can have the opportunity to talk to a friendly and impartial speech and language therapist about SLCN, what we know about how it can affect a child at school, and possibly get some information about help and support.  Call 0207 843 2544 to book your free call back.