Dawn House School nominated as one of Asdas new ‘Community Causes’

Given the choice on a beautiful Monday afternoon what should we do…work hard in our lessons or have a trip to Asda to see ‘The Friends of Dawn House School’ on the brand new Community Board in Asda, ForestTown, Mansfield. What will the children choose?

Asda staff, Dawn House School staff and Key Stage 3 pupils joined the crowds at Asda. How impressed were we to see the school’s name up there with The St John Ambulance and a local Autism group. We watched as people were given their green tokens to put in the box under the charity of their choice- we felt like cheering when they chose us!! The more we get over the coming month, the more money Asda will donate to the ‘Friends of Dawn House’ for us to buy things to use in school or in care.

We met a county councillor called Martin Wright and another local councillor called Denise Moody and had our photos taken with them for the local press!

The store manager Andy Goss was so impressed with how well behaved all the children were that he came out with Easter Eggs for them all. He must have been pretty impressed with the staff too because he went back to get some for us!

So a big THANK YOU to Asda, ForestTown, for selecting us and a big THANK YOU to everyone who goes into the store and helps fill up our box!

– Jenny McConnell and The Friends of Dawn House School.