Guest Blog post on I CAN Chatterbox Challenge by Cheeky Monkeys

The Cheeky Monkeys focused on the nursery rhyme ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’ for the I CAN Chatterbox Challenge. The focus this year was to highlight the opportunity of developing physical movement through action rhymes.

The children were involved in making their own boats in preparation for the challenge to take them to the boating lake and discover if they floated or sank (luckily they didn’t sink!). Many different types of boats were created using a range of materials from corks to plastic tubs and the children sang 10 verses of the popular nursery rhyme, whilst rowing and watching their boats float on the water. They even had an audience of a couple of interested swans for the challenge.

The event was possibly one of the coldest fundraising events the Cheeky Monkeys have ever organised. The children were wrapped up with as many layers as possible and were very brave facing the arctic sea winds! They didn’t let the weather affect the event however and enjoyed a brief warming up period in the prom cafe for snack.

The favourite verse of the morning was definitely:

Row, row, row your boat,

Gently down the river.

If you see a polar bear,

Don’t forget to shiver brrr!

The Cheeky Monkeys raised £80 for I CAN and are looking forward to organising an indoor event next year!

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