Chatterbox Challenge 2012 starts this week across the UK

The start of this year’s Chatterbox Challenge is just days away, so make sure you’re ready for the big occasion. Running from 1st to 7th February, the event is all set to be an extra special and action-packed affair.

With summer 2012 just around the corner, this year’s theme is Kids in Motion, which means lots of movement, lots of chatter and above all bucket loads of fun!

On the day, children will boost their language skills with exciting songs with movements, which are all specially designed by I CAN speech and language therapists and specialist teachers. These action-based songs and activities are great because even very young children who don’t know the words can join in.

There has been a wonderful response so far, but as the start day draws closer we would love to get as many children as possible joining in the fun and games. It’s not too late for you to register quickly and easily on the Chatterbox Challenge website. Alternatively you can call 0845 121 2350 for your free activity pack.

After the great success of the Guinness World RecordTM breaking 2011 Chatterbox Challenge we are raring to go again, and can’t wait to get kids all over the country singing, dancing and of course chattering. Those who have already signed up will have received their activity pack filled with resources but there are even more freebies up for grabs.

A collection of activities for your Chatterboxes, include a colouring sheet from Humf, our furry talisman, a Talking Tots Night and Day game and an exclusive Olympic song in French and Spanish from La Jolie Ronde are available for download on our Chatterbox Challenge website. You can also follow a link to other important documents, such as sponsor forms, press releases and certificates to ensure your Chatterbox Challenge is a huge success.

With only days left until it all kicks off, why not get your kids practising some songs and moves now so they can wow their audience at this year’s Chatterbox Challenge. Hopefully the sponsorship forms will be circulating well and we can better the tremendous fundraising efforts of last year and make a real difference to the lives of children who struggle to communicate.