Get Active – Make Chatter Matter

Boogie Mites is thrilled to be working to support I CAN in the Chatterbox Challenge 2012 – Kids in Motion. We are working together to help children develop language and communication skills and to get active as well.

The development and use of communication and language skills is at the heart of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and using music is one of the best ways of supporting this. So together Boogie Mites and I CAN can make this happen and here’s how:

  • Singing, making music and using action songs are amongst the most enjoyable learning activities for children.
  • Music stimulates ‘auditory discrimination‘ which is vital in supporting communication and language skills.
  • Music and singing helps children to express ideas in words, music and action sequences.
  • Singing reinforces repetition of phrases in a fun way, particularly simple songs with simple words – such as Nursery Rhymes.
  • Playing with words in a rhythmic pattern enables a child to reinforce language development – singing songs helps children to listen to the beats of individual words and breaks the words down.
  • Music aids communication skills by encouraging confidence and self expression
  • Music can aid speech development through stimulating listening skills and sound recognition
  • Music can advance literacy skills through rhythm and rhyme of words
  • Music can extend vocabulary
  • Music can encourage expression in story telling through tempo, mood, actions, influencing voice and facial expression.
  • Actions songs in particular help children to catch the rhythm of an action with the rhythm of the music – clapping in time, taping in time while putting words to a beat reinforces language development.

So how can Boogie Mites support this? Boogie Mites has literally hundreds of fun packed songs with simple language and repeating patterns to support language and Communication Development.

I Feel Alive and Clap Clap Clap are two fun packed, action filled songs that are taught as a call and response. This means the children are told the words and then have to repeat them loudly and enthusiastically! The lyrics have actions to them, which have the children and parents alike, up and dancing. To help with language development this song sustains attentive listening, allowing the children to respond to what they have heard with relevant comments, questions or actions.

It encourages listening with enjoyment and allows children to respond to the actions, words, music and rhymes. It extends their vocabulary, exploring the meanings and sounds of new words, and it stimulates language development by allowing the children to enjoy rhyming and rhythmic activities.

An equally stimulating song that encourages even the most reluctant singer to join in is Jungles of Brazil. This song which takes us on and adventure through the jungle , introduces us to a Snake, a Parrot, a Monkey and a Lion. By making the sounds of all of these animals as we meet them it extends a childs vocabulary, especially by grouping and naming the animals. It encourages enjoyment of listening to and using spoken language. It encourages listening with enjoyment and responding to stories and songs and most importantly, it uses language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences through using actions to support the song.

To see the videos, and download the lyrics, please go to

I CAN believe in Getting Active and Making Chatter Matter and at Boogie Mites we do too. So join with us in getting children singing and dancing today – be active and chatter!

Come along to see Boogie Mites at the Chatterbox Challenge event at Victoria Centre, Nottingham on 23rd January 2012. Children (and parents) will be able to take part in Boogie Mites workshops that support learning with original music and fabulous songs. Other highlights include goodie bags, free face painting and a magician. For more information, email