Example gives an exclusive interview to Raising Your Game’s Javid (aged 16)

Leading singer and rapper Example gave an exclusive interview to a young people with from Mencap’s Raising Your Game project on Saturday November 26 at Mencap’s Little Noise Sessions.

Leading the interview was Javid, aged 16, and member of Raising Your Game in Hertfordshire since January after getting in trouble with the police and receiving a caution.

A fan of Example and his work, Javid and friends lead an exclusive 30-minute interview with the star before the gig, discussing the artist’s ambitions and discovering how he got to where he is today.

Supported by the Big Lottery Fund, Raising Your Game is a five-year project, helping  young people aged 14-25 with a learning disability or communication difficulty who are at risk of offending. Since joining Raising Your Game and passing his Duke of Edinburgh, Javid said, “Raising Your Game has made me more open. I think about things and I choose my words more carefully now.”

Raising Your Game’s young people often struggle to find the right words to say what they mean. They relate to Example’s lyrics about daily pressures, socialising, and being accepted for who you are. Javid added, “Raising Your Game has shown me that a job is not always fun but you have to get used to it.”

To find out more about Javid and Raising Your Game visit: http://raisingyourgame.mencap.org.uk

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