Get ready, set, row! Children encouraged to chatter for charity sing-a-long

Today I CAN have launched our new Chatterbox Challenge 2012! The Chatterbox Challenge 2012 will take place between 1- 7 February and with 2012 set to be a special and lively year the theme will be Kids in Motion, which means lots of movement, lots of chatter and above all lots of fun!

Speech, language and communication skills are the bedrock for life and for learning.  Without these skills, children can struggle to make friends, understand what other people are saying and achieve their potential in life. With increasing recognition that children’s speech and language skills are vital for their life chances, Chatterbox Challenge is a fun and accessible way for children under 5 to improve their communication skills, and get ready for starting school.

We want as many nurseries, childminding groups, pre-schools and children’s groups to register and get involved in 2012!

To take part in the Chatterbox Challenge all you need to do is to register for a free fundraising pack at . Your pack will give you everything you need to run a fun and successful Chatterbox Challenge, including posters, fun-filled and educational activities, fundraising tips and much, much more.

For lots of updates and to share your Chatterbox experiences, ‘attend’ our Chatterbox Challenge event on Facebook, and invite all your friends.

Why not join in the Chatterbox chatter on twitter? #CBC2012