“Why doesn’t he answer me…….?” Are you worried about a child in your class?

The new term is well and truly underway, and things will probably have started to settle down a little by now. Children are finding their feet and you probably feel like you are starting to get to know everyone.  However, sometimes things don’t quite go as smoothly as we would like. Is there a child in your class or setting that is puzzling you because they are struggling to understand, or causing you concern because of the way they are talking?  Are you worried about their communication skills, but can’t put your finger on what is wrong?  Or maybe you know all about a child’s difficulties but would love some advice about getting the support in their environment right for them.

Why not call the I CAN Enquiry Service and book a free and confidential call back from a speech and language therapist?  They will be able to talk to you about all aspects of speech and language development, things that can go wrong for children with speech and language needs and how this might impact in the classroom.

They can talk you through some strategies that you may find helpful for supporting children with difficulties and direct you to helpful resources and places to get more information.  Of course, because they don’t know the children you are concerned about they won’t be able to give specific advice, but they will certainly be able to give you lots of helpful information about speech, language and communication and speech, language and communication needs.

Call 020 7843 2544 or email enquiries@ican.org.uk to book your call now.