Ellen G on a mission!

My name is Ellen Goodey and I’m the marketing communications leaning disability consultant  for mencap’s Raising Your Game.

Raising Your Game keeps changing. As we are moving in to the second part off the third year of Raising Your Game me and my new manger Katy are going  to Birmingham for the Raising your game team meeting.

We are doing the Raising Your Game press releases and we have had a meeting with Emma from I CAN.  I CAN is one of the partners of Raising Your Game and so is Nacro. I CAN are all about communication and we worked with then on Talk about Talk training.

We also had a meeting this morning at Mencap for the Raising Your Game website about putting videos in the website and putting games on there too. I like you tube and games on cbeebies. I like the Raising Your Game video.

We have a new Raising Your Game newsletter coming out and in there is an interview of me giving a interview to Richard Bradshaw from Department of Health. That comes out in October and I CAN are helping us to get everyone reading it. Everyone who works with young people.

I went to Richard’s office to meet him it was flash I really enjoyed meeting him. We talked about Offender Health; we talked about what I do here at Mencap.